Chris Stylez

Chris Stylez is a dynamic and innovative Music and Film Production Executive, celebrated for his multifaceted talents as a singer/songwriter, producer, fashion designer, and DJ. With a proven track record in high-stakes deal-making, opportunity creation, and acclaimed creative-aesthetic skills, Chris has become a visionary force in the entertainment industry. His expertise in curating diverse music events, composing impactful film soundtracks, and executing strategic brand partnerships for high-profile clients has solidified his reputation as a top-tier professional.




Chris Stylez's career is defined by his eclectic fusion of hip-hop, soul, R&B, jazz, reggae, pop, and organic dance music, captivating global audiences with live performances that seamlessly blend genres. His contribution to the demo track "Brothers" with Kanye West, and the release of his debut LP, In Late Out Very Early, in 2019 propelled him onto stages at prestigious venues across Toronto, Singapore, London, Paris, New York, and Los Angeles.


Rooted in a Jamaican upbringing, Chris's signature mix of soulful R&B and Caribbean-inspired reggae gained early recognition through BET's Music Matters initiative. His polished and enthralling style has made him a standout figure in both music and fashion circles. Since embracing a vegan lifestyle in 2010, Chris founded Mistohn, a luxury fashion label featured in esteemed publications such as GQ Italia, Harper's Bazaar, Vogue Italia, The New York Times, Nylon, and Vegan Fashion Week. His influence extended to the music industry as the music supervisor for Netflix's Audible, which earned an Academy Award nomination.



In 2023, Chris elevated his career with prestigious guest DJ appearances at premier venues, including a notable set at Dua Lipa's Met Gala after-party in NYC, where he performed alongside The Martinez Brothers and Skepta, spinning for luminaries like A$AP Rocky and Rihanna in an underground Boiler Room set. He actively contributes as an A&R/Producer and DJ within the South African House and Electronic Dance music scene, with a name echoing amongst prominent artists like Natasha Diggs, Dj Tunez, Felo Le Tee, Henry X, Andre Power, and more. Chris also secured international DJ sets at Berlin's Carnival 2024 with Freak De L’Afrique and co-hosted exclusive guest experiences at the Cannes Film Festival 2024 and Grand Prix 2024 in Monte Carlo.

Throughout his illustrious career, Chris has played pivotal roles in activations and partnerships with esteemed brands such as Don Londres Tequila, El Cristiano Tequila, Raspoutine, Common House, Soho House, Dr. Martens, Verve Coffee, Tatel Beverly Hills, Olivetta, Swan Room at Nine Orchard, Mr. T Los Angeles, Vision Film Co., and Netflix. He also served as a Creative Director, orchestrating songwriting and recording sessions for both upcoming, and major recording artists, including Roshelle (Island Records) and Adekunle Gold (Def Jam Records).

Chris Stylez's journey reflects his passion for pushing the boundaries of what is possible in music and film production. His unique ability to foster community connections, drive creative excellence, and deliver immersive experiences has cemented his status as a visionary leader in the industry.